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Nikodemos Winery Panayia has been established in 1987. But since 2008, Mr Nicodemos knew a lot about how to use and take care of vineyards, grapes and wine. Since that period he was always dreaming of having his own winery serving his own traditional and high quality wines.

Today, 11 years after, he managed to complete his dream by creating a winery in a small village called “Panayia”.

With the love of Mr.Nikodemos and his sons, they have managed to establish their own wine brand and create their own wines officially. They released to the marker two wines, called Saint Paraskevi (white wine) and Sarka (red wine). Since they released their first wines, they succeed even from the first year of their production. The result of this success story was for “Agia Paraskevi” wine to win the Gold Medal Award at the 12th Cyprus wine competition 2019.

The winery is located in Sarka, which is completely in harmony with the environment. It is surrounded by huge vineyards and the beautiful views of the forest. It is located on a small hill towards the top of Panayia’s mountain. From the mountain you can enjoy the panoramic view of Paphos countryside forest and Panayias of Kykkos. All this magic is coming to an end with the view of Omodos and Troodos.

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Our Wines

We provide both red and white wines. Choose the one that you prefer and be sure that you will be amazed from their taste!
Sarka red dry wine

"Sarka" Red Cyprus Wine​

Ayia Paraskevi whit wine

"Ayia Paraskevi" White Cyprus Wine​

Find below some photos of our winery and the process of creating our unique traditional wine. Starting from the picking up the grapes to having a complete and labeled bottle of wine ready to be enjoyed!


Our premises is accessible by car. The location we are based is called Panayia village which is located on the outskierts of Paphos city. When you arrive at Panayia village you will need to get to “Sarka” which is the location we are based. Our address is: Nikodemos Winery Panayia, Panayia, Emnwn 6, Paphos 8640.

Arriving at the are at our premises, you will realise that the area is sourrounded with trees and green areas. So be prepare to take some photos of the winery and the sourrounding areas as well.

You will be able to see how wine is produced, packed and sent for out for delivery. There is a specific procedure that must be followed exactly to end up with the exact result.

Visiting the winery will gice you the chance to see exact process of making red wine and white wine. Starting from grapes and ending having a bottle of excellent taste wine.

Moreover, while checking out the different steps that need to be followed, our staff members will also be available to ansswer any questions and explain the different steps of the process.

We provide a free tasting for both our red wine and white wine. During your visit to our winery you will have the chance to taste and buy our unique wines. Feel free to ask us for tasting samples and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Nikodemos Winery Panayia
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Paphos 8640, Cyprus

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